What Do You Need for a Kitten? : Pet Tips

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If you’re planning on getting a kitten, there are a few key things that you’re going to have to have. Find out what you need for a kitten with help from the executive director of the Found Animals Foundation in Los Angeles in this free video clip.

Expert: Aimee Gilbreath
Bio: Aimee Gilbreath was born with a love of animals, which eventually led to her position as Found Animals’ Executive Director.
Filmmaker: John Palacio

Series Description: Owning a pet is one of the most satisfying things that a person can do. Get tips on managing and caring for your pets with help from the executive director of the Found Animals Foundation in Los Angeles in this free video series.


Narjes Alkhafaji says:

I am going to get a cat so I need to study about them so I can be a good
cat owner

Olivia Hague says:

I have a question, I already have a cat, but I’m thinking about getting a
kitten! How will I separate my older cat’s food from the kitten’s food? I
don’t want then eating eachother’s food!

mayelin rodriguez says:

this helped me because my cat eats A LOT so thanks for telling me to have
some cat food but the good thing is my cat goes out I she knows her way
back home to me its weird because my cat zoe that’s her name she has some
friends that come to my house I feed her and her friends but she has 3
friends plus her they all eat A LOT so yeah that’s why being ready with the
cat food is good thanks bye!!!!!

Alpha Dog says:

I am so getting everything on that table! ;p

ImJustSweet says:

Umm… Clay is very bad for cats! Don’t buy clay kitty litter!

abbigail cottingham says:

thank you i will get all that stuff i am getting a 2 kitten soon

Tia Gibson says:

Thx so much I’m getting a kitten in a week and now know exactly what to
buy. Thx again ^_^

antoinette Tejado says:

I’m going to be getting back into maybe on Christmas or in November but I’m
going to name my kitten and Baba or Kumba

Unknown Artist says:

When i bought a collar for my old cats when they were kittens. They
automatically tried to get it off and their mouths got stuck and it hurt
them so i never buy collars anymore for them 🙁 

Ethan Overmyer says:

Y’know what sucks, my cat died this morning:,(

antoinette Tejado says:

My name is not answer Carmella today I am 9 years old

Emmy Eartly says:

You forgot a bed I don’t want to be mean though

antoinette Tejado says:

My name is Carmella I wor’t the rong thing

amanda hugandkiss says:

I just saved a little kitten from my cars hood,and its scared.Hopefully
this will work

antoinette Tejado says:

I want to get the best for my kitten

Little Sadie Cat says:

I use kitten chow food

Lori Owens says:

Is glass ok

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