Travel Tips: Training your pet for travel

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Sonia Gil shares travel tips for acclimating your dog when traveling. See new travel adventures w/Sonia every Thursday:

1. Help your dog love its carrier
2. Help your dog get used to carrier
3. Recreate plane ride
4. Use Wee Wee Pads
5. Use positive associations. ( toys, blankets etc.)

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Check out the amazing Cesar Millan:


kanoni cormier says:

I’m flying with my 2month old chihuahua puppy and this was very helpful,
Thank you for all the tips and I love your dog he is very cute and safe
travels to wherever you go next.

a good pretty life says:

ah yes ceser millan is wonderful!

LPS FavoritesTV says:

How about a pug? Does it fly in cabin or cargo?

Ariana Grande says:

Hazlo en español please

Miwako Fu says:

My question is what about the health for the dog does it need a shot and
stuff like that 

Imren says:

I’m flying from brussels to washington with my german shepherd soon, this
was very helpful 🙂 Thanks!

Gian Dacanay says:

You’re beautiful and I love your dog :D

Jenista Royce Durano says:

cute macho! 

K Tapia says:

Thank you for the tips

Bobi G says:

So cute!!!

Hope Chambers says:

I have a big sweet calm dog. How does traveling on airplanes work with a
big dog? My dog is terrified of being in a cage… Help

linda65355 says:

thank you .. !

Brittany Costello says:

your amazing!

modernoverdrive says:

Macho looks almost exactly like Chewie (Meghan Camerena’s dog).

Mike Luis says:

Hello I go ALONE travel with 2 chihuahuas ( sisters) in 1 bag …. Together
in 1 bag … I don’t see any information about that … Lol 

Kitty Mermaid says:

So wonderful I’ve been wondering how to get my little guy acclimated & this
seems wonderful. Also, love Cesar!

Felecia Lamar-Price says:

If you are like me, you hate leaving precious cargo at home while
traveling. Here is a fantastic video to prepare your pet for travel when
you are able to take him with.

Please comment with additional tips…You never know who you may be

visit us @

Sonia Gil says:

The ins and outs of getting my dog Macho ready to fly. #dogs #dogsrule 

Sonia's Travels says:

Getting Macho ready to fly!!!! Check out my newest vlog. #dogs #dogsrule

Fluenz says:

Sonia’s latest vlog all about getting her dog Macho ready to fly!!! #dogs

Tatiana Louis says:

thank you so much i needed this

cupcakeandstarr says:

Entschuldigung for bad englisch. I hope i am spelt that in gooder englisch.
I trys my bests. You have gooder vidoes. Agein, entschuldigung for bad
englisch. You no anser if you no undastand wat I trys to speak. Eevn togh I
liebe your vidoes. I ams speak in deutsch. Auf wiedersehen to Sonia. Read
those bitte. You my favrit Sonia. You gooder at travel.

luis alvarado says:

hola sonya me gustaría ponerme en contacto contigo trabajo en una agencia
de viajes y me gustaría ver la manera de contactarte por skypee o por
correo ya que nos gustaría ver si puedes realzar unos spots para la agencia
te dejo mi correo

cupcakeandstarr says:

Hello. I am google translation. Sometimes I sometimes find hardness to
undastand you. You loud and fastly talk. Auf Wiedersehen

Trailblazer's Travels says:

Latin Tipping Guide

Ron Dylewski says:

Sonia – This is equally important with cats. They must learn to associate
the carrier with something GOOD…or at least not terrible! As a cat show
person, I travel a lot, and one guy of mine actually loves to stay in his
carrier when he gets to the hotel…. It’s clearly his comfort zone.

soniastravels says:

Glad you found it helpful! 🙂

TweetingRawr says:

You’re so good at advice giving! Loved this video!

Eli w says:

my dog chows the wee wee pad

soniastravels says:

Thanks!! Keeping it in mind..

Jack Franko says:

Omg you got a flying dog! No way :p

james canonuser says:

Dont have a pet but watched it anyway cause your hot 🙂

cupcakeandstarr says:

You always have nice hund.

MrDktys says:

so helpful! greetings from greece!

Trey Drier says:

I LOVE Macho! Cool dog. I have a Westie, also very well behaved. He’s a
people magnet. Fun to take on trips. We give him a benadryl to mellow him
out before flying – one tablet does the trick.

luis alvarado says:

hola sonya soy luis de una agencia de viajes y me gustaría ponerme en
contacto contigo por skypee para vr si puedes realzar unos spots para la
agencia espero tu comentario

rolilsby says:

i <3 you~ 🙂

sashatheblond says:

This was very helpful. Thank you!

Sandra Rendon says:

hes beautiful <3 . <3

soniastravels says:

He’s amazing! Thanks for watching..

FashionAplenty says:

Great video and I don’t even have a dog 😉 Can you do a video on how to
make a a travel budget? Or shoe-string budgets…thanks!

wendell glenn Cagape says:

Macho is so adorable 🙂

Dan Kreiger says:


asa4823 says:

dog so cute looking at the cam

cupcakeandstarr says:

Wat is a ‘flying dogs’ ?

ReiseWorld says:

We have a (non flying) cat 😉

Taylor R says:

More pet traveling!!!!!

Christy Medina says:

You look beautiful Sonia! I am in love with your blouse 😀

- Fang The Avian American - says:

Can you please do a video about managing your budget/money on trips?

Tornair says:

Macho really is well-behaved. He seems like a fun pup to carry on vacations
and trips.

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