Tips and Tricks: Taking care of cats

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This was an assignment for class. The assignment was to use an object around the house and show us how to use it. I decided to make a video on how to take care of a cat (obviously I couldn’t take a cat to school) It’s supposed to be funny so don’t make comments about how mean to the cats I am. Seriously. SERIOUSLY! I added the last little bit because I didn’t want to end it with, “Now you have a trained cat.” This was fun. I might do it again. If I do, what should the next Tricks and Tips be on? Thanks for Watching!


Kids Tips and Cool Tricks says:

She said dont take it seriously´╗┐

Raven Fall says:

It’s supposed to be unrealistic. that was the point. ­čÖé

daveo3000 says:

Doesn’t some of this count as animal abuse? Not being mean lol but that’s
not really how you take a care of a cat XD I know, cuz I have two.

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