Pet Turtle & Tortoise Information : How to Care for Tortoises

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To properly care for tortoises, make sure to check the tortoise species before feeding it. Learn to care for tortoises with expert tips from a pet store owner in this free video about reptiles.

Expert: Tim Cole
Bio: Tim Cole is the owner of Austin Reptile Service, and has been keeping reptiles for over four decades.
Filmmaker: MAKE | MEDIA


SuprafighterKO says:

I want a turtle to outlive me so I will never have to see it die. Its to sad

Anna McDermott says:

Useful info, I`m fascinated by your tortoise care. Keep up the good work.
Excellent video. Anna.

TheLonelyWaffleKid says:

dude wtf

David Pereira says:

what is a dietary disorder for a hermann’s tortoise?

WeWillNotRockYou1 says:


jemni2 says:

be nice people

Blakeprice28 says:

1st Comment!

13janda says:

they can live up to 100 years and about 150lbs

YURU92 says:

thanks!! haha! it would be nice if my tortoise got old wit me! right now
its a yearling ( red foot tortoise) <3 most well behaved pet ive ever had.

wasabied says:

what’s with the hate for this guy, he looks great and speaks well.

WeWillNotRockYou1 says:

dude wtf

Asap Poppy says:

this guy is a retard

Kenny drew says:

do all Greek tortoises: stay small ?

jmfm00009 says:

I don’t think the guy knows where the camera is?

Sina Rde says:

I have a tortoise too ! he looks as 0:10

WeWillNotRockYou1 says:

Dude, Wtf.

waluigiconroy says:

Is fruit good for a russian tortoise?

tjd1985 says:

And they will probably outlive you *cut vid*

Ramon muniz says:

@DragonaxTM yea man this guy aint so bad

rashid goran says:

Could anyone provide a set up on radiated tortoise pls. Thx u

Edgar Fileto says:

i just got a baby turtle and im a rookie at taking care of turtles but i
just want to know why doesnt my turtle want to eat and how long can it last
with out eating its food

rashid goran says:

Could anyone provide a video on setting up a radiated tortoise enclosure
pls. Thank u.

Naiah Nagano says:

Thank you! I really needed to know the best sized tortoise 🙂

MrGman0909 says:

tim cole is on crack and i dont mean the drug lol

TurtleGamer1993 says:

assberg lettuce?

Mazao G says:

Wait. My grandma’s tortoise loved bananas and tortillas.

Gir3993 says:

about 18” in shell length, about 100 LBS, and they can live from 20-50
years depending on how well they are cared for. The oldest captive one
lived till 56 and weighed 150 LBS, but they believe it is possible for them
to live to 80 on rare occations.

DaVoodooTroII says:

my redfoot turle is like 2 years and it’s healthy but , it can’t move ;(
and i didn’t use Uv light cuz it never said anything in the store i bought
it in … can that be the cause? please resubcribe 😉

socreor says:

ummm can they live outside if u live in england?

MultiChippymunks says:

@julienlimas most likely a yellowfoot tortoise

ronaldo winks says:

is it true to tortoise molestation is legal in canada?

TheLonelyWaffleKid says:


Tim Humphrey says:

I want a hermann’s tortoise, is it best to buy small tank then a bigger one
or will it not matter if I gust get a big one when it is small for the rest
of its life

IGenesis says:

may i know how long can a Sulcatta Tortoise live n how large can it get?

DragonaxTM says:

I agree wasabied

vanity243 says:

excellent video.. great information

julienlimas says:

my tortoise has a yellow head i dot know what kind it is

XBK8 says:

Great vid

EliteDistributors says:

I just got big tank i have the Tortoise house its 12x24x36 its wood and
works great its 100 dollars

Jay Parikh says:

the guys negative

MikelZ2434 says:

expert village sucks shit this is a video on how to care not what species
grows to

DrLeonardBonesMcCoy says:

@tjd1985 Just to make you feel depresed

samwas123 says:

WTF? i mean, i like turtles

WeWillNotRockYou1 says:

Wtf, dude

CHERUBblackshirt says:

god, this guy’s a laugh a minuite aint he?!

WeWillNotRockYou1 says:


Micah Montoya says:

Wtf, dude

Micah Montoya says:


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