Pet Spider Tips for Chaco Golden Knee Tarantula : Safety Tips for Raising a Pet Chaco Tarantula

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Learn safety tips for raising a chaco golden knee tarantula in this free pet care video from our spider habitat authority.

Expert: Brian Kleinman
Bio: Brian Kleinman, is the owner and operator of Riverside
Reptiles, an educational company. He have been working with amphibians and reptiles animals for over twenty years.
Filmmaker: Christian Munoz-Donoso


BBroxorsBB says:

what site should i go to get good info

665Rogue says:

Iv seen like ten different videos all over the place, about substrate,
perfect size enclosure, and decorations for a chilean rose, I really wanna
know the truth, you seem to know it, any ideas for me please.

rasta66six says:

great info, thanks.

Jayson Trixxy says:

@theac130u Depending on its type. 😀 Some cheap some expensive. (;

gabrielronai says:

Great series useful information, thanks.

zues2375 says:

Hi i had my red leg for 2m now but it’s not eating can you help thanks

Deep Tone says:

@665Rogue rule of thumb for tarantula tank size is. height = 1 and a half
the leg span length= 4 times leg span width 4times leg span with arboreals
same but height should be as tall as you can go.

zues2375 says:

I for got it samll lol thanks

Midyin says:

@xplorersam What’s bullshit about it?

A7XfoREVer1234 says:

@zues2375 It might not be hungry or it might be getting ready for a
Molt…i would try feeding him one more time if if they dont eat they are
probably getting prepared to molt..hope this helps 🙂

Deep Tone says:

for the best info watch robc. tarantulaguy1976

theac130u says:

do tarantulas cost alot of money :o?

xplorersam says:

@Midyin well isn’t that just bullshit…

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