Pet Snakes : Taking Care of Snakes

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Taking care of snakes requires first identifying the species of the snake and learning about its needs. Get the right snake and learn to care for it with tips from a certified animal control officer in this free reptile pets video.

Expert: Tim Cole
Bio: Tim Cole is the owner of Austin Reptile Service, and has been keeping reptiles for over four decades.
Filmmaker: MAKE | MEDIA


derek63945 says:

Thanks alot but do long nose snakes make good pets

susan f turner says:

I have a ball python . It was given to me as they no longer could care for
it . I have fed it frozen rodents twice & now it hasn’t nor will eat in 2
months ! I’m very worried !! If it’s shedding would that make a differance
? Please !! Someone help !!!

SAsgarters says:

Garters aren’t fish eaters, they’re generalists. Most garter species eat
primarily amphibians but also fish. Some are specialized in leeches and
slugs, and some species have a diverse diet and eat amphibians, fish,
leeches, earthworms, slugs, small mammals, birds, lizards and other snakes.

S1V4R7 says:

You realize that this acc has 80,000 videos. No one cares.

Lumberjack440 says:

Corn snakes and california king snakes are great snakes for beginners milk
snakes are good aswell. and they dont bite milk snakes are a tad bit

key says:

What are the least aggressive snakes? and one’s with low maintenance? Also
is it fine to be able to handle them every so often or do they not enjoy
being handled?

Bridget O'Hara says:

one of the better “expert” village people

ThatGirlNamedJennie says:

*they don’t get to thick


van king snakes get fish or not?

geniousdeeson says:

does corn snake great for snake beginner n do they bite

Joey V. says:

Very informative!

Abdulkader Alqadi says:

guys, i just did a garter snake feeding vid.. plz plz subscribe !!

SuperTweetybird29 says:

Taking Care of Snow Plains Garter ???

adssm says:

is probs a garter snake

nikesk8er10 says:

@geniousdeeson Not sure if sum1 has answered ur question i see it was a
year ago. Corn snakes are illegal is some states like Georgia but i live in
georgia and have owned corn snakes green anoles box turtles of all kinds
fence lizards all illegal i just kept them for a couple days since ijust
found em. corn snakes are most of the time docile but if i were u i would
get something cooler like a red tail boa or ball python or woma python or
blood python are more docile and exotic

rb25jet says:

LMAO!…. loser

MrRioMario says:

Do common jungle boa’s eat lizards?

ThatGirlNamedJennie says:

@key I would recamend a corn snake because they don’t get to large or think
and they pretty much have small heads so their bites won’t be as bad and
they don’t bite that often if you do get a snake you should put them in a
plastic tub for something else but their cage when you feed them so they
don’t think every time you put you hand in the cage it’s food

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