Pet Rat Care : Pet Rat Basics

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Watch as an animal care specialist discusses the basics of pet rat care in this free online video about exotic pets.

Expert: Laura Fitzgerald
Bio: Laura Fitzgerald has been an animal lover her entire life. Having her first pet rat at the age of 5 (after rescuing it from the snake food chain).
Filmmaker: Kenneth Jackson


WolfFang884 says:

It might be the bedding, my hamster sneezes sometimes, but it’s ok, aspen
can be a bit dusty but it won’t harm him, it’s mainly after we clean the
cage and the dust hasn’t settled to the bottom

Raven Rattery says:

Giving out false information, rex is not a colour, but a fur type, your
male rat is on his own? in small cages, and on wood shavings? he has a
respiratory infection, all your videos are wrong, baby rats open their eyes
between 11 and 15 days, they start testing food at around 3 weeks old, they
become sexually mature at 5 to 6 weeks old, even if this video was done in
2008 it’s still giving people wrong information and should be taken down
and up to date videos put on of real information.

Zabora Maloni says:

Eyes and ears are closed for 6 weeks?! Is this her first litter?! Their
eyes and ears open at about day 11-15. They can and will eat solid food at
about the 3 week mark. Girl rats will go into heat at 5weeks…keep em
together and you will have pregnant 6 week old babies…fucking sad cunt is
so stupid!

Melinda Gräns says:

Expert?????????? Excuse me??? Wait hold on a second, your rats are sick, in
another video you’re telling us to keep our rat (notice how I wrote rat
instead of rats) in a super small cage and seriously telling us to only
have one frikken rat?? In another video you forced your rat to take a “nice
bath” , first of fucking all, if he or she doesn’t want to bath then you
frikken listen to that. And second, you don’t wash rats because their skin
gets dry and they can even lose skin because of soap. What the heck? You
are not an expert and you shouldn’t even come near those poor animals!
You’re not the one that decides their life and what they want to do, they
are! So fuck off, go fuck yourself , shove a frikken stick up your ass cuz
you ain’t no expert. Thanks for reading.❤

Hope Diesatlast says:

I`m sorry to say you, that your informations are false. How Raven Rattery
said before.
And I don`t understand how negligent you are. Opened cage with the baby
rats and opened cage with the male rats next to the baby rat cage, during
you are telling wrong infos holding your rattie mom and always looking to
the camera…
The Boys could have killed the babies during this time… -.-

Marissa Armstrong says:

Poor rats 🙁 You can tell the mum rat is being bred over and over.. 2 week
old litter on the ground and she looks to be pregnant again… also 4
babies is a VERY small litter for rats, which would suggest that she is
being bred too often and isn’t able to sustain a normal sized litter. There
is so much wrong with these videos.. I wish expert village would be
responsible and take these down!!!

Megan Roberts says:

Expert Village my a$$! This woman knows nothing at all about rats and
proper rat care. A Rex rat has a curly coat and whiskers! And babies eyes
and ears open well before 6 weeks! This woman is an idiot who shouldn’t be
allowed to have pets!

Zabora Maloni says:

Those rats are so sick! Did you hear tar sneezing? Mycoplasma kills rats!
Its like $200 for a vet visit! She shouldn’t have animals their sick! She
isn’t taking them to the vet! Hejzixhsnsbj!

Kat Gusarova says:

This video is so full of misinformation. Please do not listen to a SINGLE
word this lady says! The ONLY thing she got right was that “dumbo” means
low-set ears.

Do NOT take any other advice from her or buy tiny cages like she does! Do
NOT buy rats without tails – they come with spinal issues. This lady is
advocating extremely irresponsible and subpar husbandry.

Cows are Cool! says:

He is 18 months old and is your first rat… YOU CAN NOT TELL PEOPLE HOW TO

CrazyRatLady says:

Loving the comments under this video! And I am very glad that everybody
agrees that this woman is a COMPLETE idiot when it comes to rats. It’s like
this is one big bad comedy towards rat owners, EVERYTHING she talks about
is wrong. And the cages, ooh they make me SO mad! ‘This is my first rat he
is 18 months old’ how dare you even breed with the poor rats you have!
Just, fuels me with hatred… 

Ratspourtoujrs23 says:

You must get a biger cage!!!!

Joe Epic says:

ur so gay and EVIL!!!!!!! ur horrible pet owner dumbass. poor rat got
scared of ur f*cking face. 🙁 go to HELL KID NOOB

Kylie Barth says:

And rats without tails is just improper breeding

Talulah M. says:

Those cages are way too small for the rats :(

Kylie Barth says:

She does not know how to own rats first off those cages are WAY TO SMALL
for rats and that mom rat is being bred to much

HazeB91 says:

Oh my goodness. There is so much wrong with his video! You call yourself an
expert? Why are you breeding a hairless doe? Any responsible breeder knows
they have issues lactating! Rex is in fact a coat type, curly fur, curly
whiskers, you described silver fawn, the coat colour!!! Also why are you
breeding the other back to back, shes obv pregnant again, thats so
unethical and irresponsible! The male should have a male cage mate, and be
kept away from the girls, forever, the girls should live together and be
kept away from the boys. You are a back yard breeder, breeding for the
crack with less knowledge of rats than I had when I was about 12? PLEASE no
one listen to a word of this video, she has no idea what so ever. The main
cages are also far too small and should have so many more toys and
hammocks. This is so wrong! Also, telling people how to care for their pet
RAT is the worst mistake, you are supporting people keeping rats in
solitary confinement, which is unkind, not something an expert would ever

Louis Bankston says:

I feel bad cuz I killed my pet rat. And then let the other one go.

Joe Epic says:

and ur information is gay btw :)

scarymary66 says:

Rex has to do with the hair type not the color. The boy in my profile
picture is a Rex. He has very curly hair, bald patches in some places and
very curly whiskers. Some expert when you don’t even know the correct
terminology. And it looks like that hairless girl is pregnant? Don’t you
know that most hairless rats make bad mothers? They don’t take care of
their young. Why are you breeding? 

Fairest Oftheball says:

I’m starting to think EXPERT village was a name chosen for these people as
an oxymoron …. This woman knows NOTHING ABOUT RATS !! Oh wait she was
right about the dumbo aspect … But seriously she clearly only has rats to
breed since she doesn’t even know what Rex means.. AND she clearly has no
interest in giving them the best life possible in a big enough home with
proper bedding and items to keep them happy and entertained and COMFORTABLE
, poor babies 🙁 I wish I could call rattie protective services on this
person , expert village if you EVER actually read this please take this
down your promoting more and more of this behaviour by giving
misinformation to people who trust the “expert” trick .. I mean title …..

immy lola says:

You know nothing! No one listen to this idiot!!

Tweak Squeak says:

Umm… Have you done you research? …Animal care specialist!? You ma’am,
should NOT teach.
The “information” you gave is not correct. They don’t get along with all
other pets, they are prey animal!! And they can bite if they are 1. Not
used to being handled by humans and are therefore frightful, or 2. You
handle them too aggressive.

And yes that cage is far, far too small. You remember that part you said
about them being intelligent? Well guess what, intelligent animals needs
stimulation, to explore and play, and can’t be cooped up like that!

Sarah Burgess says:

OMG she makes me mad!! She defined Rex incorrectly and also-don’t get a rat
without a tail WTF. They use their tails for balancing! If it doesn’t have
a tail, it can’t walk or climb properly. :(

Ratts Ratts says:

This makes me sick ..

The first rat isn’t even a Rex . 

Louis Bankston says:

I will be a better owner this time

Zabora Maloni says:

That rat is not a rex…*facepalm*

VocusFX | мσтιση ∂єѕιgη says:

The rats are probaly alot smarter than this woman..

Ratts Ratts says:

Low maintenance ? Bullshit .

Rainbow Whiskers Rattery says:

OMG! PLEASE… no one listen to this woman. Having babies while not even
knowing correct TERMS, much less even basic genetics, is so irresponsible.
Nearly every element of this video is incorrect or misinformed. Rats do
bite if unsocialized and frightened, or if there is a propensity for
aggression in the ancestors. Boys and girls should NEVER be housed
together. Rex or Rexoid is a curly, kinked, or wavy coat type… not a
color. That mommy looked like maybe a standard coated fawn or double
diluted hooded dumbo. Are there manx rats (tailless), yes. Are they easy to
find or get in the pet market… not exceptionally so. SMH. I think the
only thing she had right was that her mommy was indeed a dumbo. I really
hope that no one takes anything she says as fact. And expertvillage, you
should be ashamed…

Nikki Elardo says:

Wow! It’s amazing how much outright stupidity you were able to pack into
such a short video. 

Mr.Snake PlaysGames says:

More perfect food for my snake Chewy gone flip says:

OMG, my girl is totally high maintenance……..why would anyone deny
themselves the love these little chits can give you….they are smart and
they LOVE you , you get back 5,000 times what you give………I will never
own another animal after this, only her babies,. for ever and ever.

jeanette williams says:

who thr bloody hell is this women a rex is related to the fur not the
colour and its 4 weeks ther eys and ear wil be open errr the waty ti tell
male and female is easy males have BIG BALLS n why are you letting a male
and female out toghthe do u realyy wnat more babies they are called kittens
by the way me think you need to re do a basic rat course beofre you
actullay post or and btw sawdust casues respity problems so you wil aslo
need to change the bedding to something other than this

Catherine Turcyn says:

SO much misinformation… Please read the other comments here. Rex is
related to the fur and not the coloring of the rats. Eyes will open around
4 weeks. Your Rex doesn’t look like a Rex at all. Rex rats has curly hair
and whiskers. If your hairless is pregnant you should be aware that they
often times don’t take to motherhood very well! Then again with all the
access to each others cages you’re allowing them in this video I’m sure
your females are ALWAYS pregnant. 

Shayna Palmer says:

The fact that she is mixing genders makes me so aggravated.

Jim Gordon says:

Just like Ellie Maye Clampett I love animals too. They don’t even run off
the table.

kellyfitzzz says:

Some people think both of the females are pregnant because they are fat. I
don’t know much about this topic, but maybe the mom is losing her baby fat.
Also the hairless rat is as fat as my rat and my rat isn’t pregnant. But if
the rats were pregnant, she probably killed the babies by handling them and
you are NOT supposed to handle pregnant rats. Hopefully she knows what she
is doing because she put two females with a male. Especially with the
hairless rat! Hairless rats are not good mothers from what I heard. And a
Rex rat has curly hair not silver colored fur. DID ANYBODY NOTICE SHE WAS

SnowyMuffin says:

Very low maintenance? Ehm… no. Rats need a lot of maintenance to be
happy. You should give your rats hours and hours of attention, they are
incredibly sociable. For a rat to be happy, you need to bond with them,
best is if you learn them tricks BECAUSE they are so intelligent. Also, no
information is given about the fact that rats are prone to get tumors. This
actually costs quite a lot to take care of. So I wouldn’t exactly say that
they are low maintenance at all. They are incredible pets, no doubt, but
you need to spend a lot of time and save up enough money for them IF
something happens

Mike Boling says:

Brilliant lady allowing the female rat access to the males open cage. Guess
she wants MORE rats. Also, as others have pointed out, Rex, has to do with
hair, not the color. She may like rats, but she doesn’t seem to really know
much about them. Fortunately, there are many sources of good info on the

Eric Gerhart says:

This woman is an idiot…all of those rats have upper respiratory issues
from the incorrect bedding. Pine is awful for rattie lungs…you can tell
they’re sick because they’re all sneezing. And a REX rat has CURLY FUR, it
has nothing to do with being “blonde”…

Poki Loki says:

While the rats were cute, this video said absolutely nothing about care…

jandtsmom says:

She didn’t give any tips, she just told us what rats she has.

Samantha 101 says:

Please, do not listen to a word this woman has to show. All of the
information she is giving is COMPLETELY wrong. What and idiot. Before you
decide to try and educate others, PLEASE EDUCATE YOURSELF! 

Jake Blankenship says:

Wow, this woman has no idea evidently about rat care, and rats.

San Diego 420 says:

Damn nice video, and may I add you are beautiful and I’d love to see you in
adult entertainment

Shayna Palmer says:

Please check out the rat fan club on Facebook to get CORRECT information
about your pet ratS and any help or questions you many need will be
answered by long term, EDUCATED owners. 

Sheena Leversedge - Wood says:

first. pet RATS. not pet rat. rats should be kept in same sex pairs or
they don’t do well with other pets that might eat them.
Rats open their eyes around two weeks, not eight.
those cages are small.
obviously a maternity cage is usually small, but are these permanent?
and do the does usually live together?
if so, who does the buck have for his cagemate?

and rats can need a lot of work and input to be healthy. saying low
maintainence can give really unrealistic expectations.

Nikki Johnson says:

This video is pathetic. There are SEVERAL elements that are not just wrong
but dangerous. If you don’t know that Rex is a coat type rather than a
color, you certainly don’t need to be breeding! Rats can also be dangerous
to other pets and vice versa. Please don’t listen to this”expert!”

kilon3 says:

can you feed pet rats on good quality dog kibble?

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