Kristin Moran, FETCH! Pet Care, on ABC 8, Discussing Pet Safety

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Kristin Moran, one of the owners of FETCH! Pet Care of Herndon ( visited ABC 8 in Arlington, VA, and discussed pet safety tips during Halloween!


FortheLoveofPetsNY says:

Awesome interview! Thanks for the tips, very informative.

BigBadHungryWolf says:

Never realized Halloween was a day of concern for dogs. Of course, the
show’s comments now sound fairly obvious – don’t leave candy accessible to
pets, understand that kids in costumes can look and smell different to
dogs, etc. The info presented is quite useful.

HerndonFetchPetCare says:

Absolutely! Pets are part of our family.

HerndonFetchPetCare says:

Thank you. We perhaps didn’t touch on it as much as we should have during
the piece, but it can be a concern for cats as well – most don’t wear
collars or identification, and they’re often more likely to get into
trouble with decorations – becoming entangled, knocking things over, or
chewing cords.

HerndonFetchPetCare says:

Thank you!

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