Is A Guinea Pig The Right Pet For Me? | The Basics Of Piggie Care

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Learn if a guinea pig would make a good addition to your family. I talk about all of the basics of owning a guinea pig. If you want to learn some more specific info please check out my channel. If their is something that you want to learn, but I haven’t done a video on yet, just comment and I will get it done as soon as I can. Thank you very much. Hope you like this video. 🙂

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PiggiePro123 says:

Chloe Dyck Ha ha No. Maybe they just maintain a teenager mentality. LOL 

PiggiePro123 says:

OljcatZ_1 If you clean the cage every few days they shouldn’t smell. If you
litter train them you can just clean the litter box every few days and
clean the rest of the cage when its needed. 🙂 And your English is a lot
better than my second language (Spanish) 😛 🙂 

Petco says:

This is a great video.

Destiny Godwin says:

I want to eventually get a guinea pig within the next few months. Ill
probably purchase one from my local pet store. But I’m debating either a
guinea pig or a rabbit or possibly even another small pet. The main thing
is which ever one is more friendly right off the bat. Each one is different
but which small animal breed are most friendly? 

PiggiePro123 says:

+jazzmine meehan Very nice. 😀 

dog freak297 says:

If you are blind, what is your strategy for caring for guinea pigs, also,
how to you type? I don’t mean to be rude, just curious :3 I’m getting my
first guinea pig today and your vids are super helpful! =D

Raven Fitch says:

How can you tell who is who like how are u able to tell which guinea pig
your holding? Not trying to be rude im just curious

SimplyGorgeous says:

What do you edit with ? 

Julianna Andracchio says:

If you’re blind how were you able to get the G.pigs in the view of the
camera? That’s awesome talent!

Mojo88887261 says:

why is their a cage in a cage? (first time seeing you vids :)

Chloe Dyck says:

My piggies act like they’re nocturnal! They rest a lot during the day and
go crazy at night! Do you know why that is???

jahsiah marks says:

🙁 im gone for most of the day at stupid school

Knotasha Sypher says:

I love guinea pig and am going to get one

Stella Arseneault says:

Can u put two guinea pigs in a old bunny cage

Weirdrandompersonlad says:

the bottom is made of CANNABIS? did i hear you wrong? like the bottom is
made out of cannabis??? OMG WEED CAGE YUS PLEASE <3

Hiba Hameed says:

i am getting guinea pigs soon, 2 and can you give me more tips on cleaning

Hamster Care says:

How can you type if ur blind?

Brooklin Medford says:

Did u say u we’re blind 

thathamsterthou1 says:

Where did u get the chloroplast lol idk if i spelt that right

Mojo88887261 says:

blind D:

Michael Cooley says:

woah woah woah. im srry but,im getting a guinea pig soon and, i went to
petsmart and the employee said u do not have to get 2. THEY WILL BE FINE ON
THEIR OWN. but im just getting 1 but i did see they need a lot more
atention if u get just 1. but imma show it some atenntion anyway so i will
be fine. but when i get my guinea pig which will be in october i might make
a video. :p

OIjcatZ _1 says:

Can I put their cage on my room or they have a nasty smell ? *my room is
quite small* , sorry my English is too bad cuz I’m a saudi girl =$

anelis orellana says:

I only want 1 guinea pig BUT I go to school for 6 hours but other then
that I will give her a great home do you think I should buy it?

Jelly Pig says:

My old guinea pig G, he used to wake me up in the morning… Lol no more
alarm clocks GET A GUINEA PIG.

carislittlepiggies says:

Very good video to help those who are thinking about getting one! :). 

The Rattie Life says:

Great video!! Good news, I am uploading your request tonight 😀 Anyway I
loved the video!

Jumblebeast2 says:

Ahh you r blind I’m so sorry :(

jazzmine meehan says:

Both of mine LOVE being held and cuddled. 

Kristi Bunnies says:

When I get a job this summer, I might get two guinea pigs!!!:D So this
video was VERY helpful!!!! If you have any more info you wanna share with
me, go right ahead!!!:)
Kristi Bunnies <3

mixedfruits07 says:

Great informative video! I really want 2 guinea pigs but I don’t think my
parents will agree! xD Maybe when I move out. :D

John Blobe says:

Wait ur blind?

PiggieLove says:

Great video! It would mean a lot if you checked out my videos!

Liat Schiowitz says:

I think find that pee pee pads also work great

Hamster Care says:

Or read

mixedfruits07 says:

is kilm dried pine safe for hamsters?

Michael Cooley says:

im not trying to be rude honestly. that black is poop right. nvm im sure

Rainbow Animals says:

Sorry if this has already been commented but your pigs are so cute! And up
ur so close to 200!

Liat Schiowitz says:

Omg I also use pee pee pads under my fleece! :D

Rainbow Animals says:

Your piggies are so cute I could just die

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