How to Take Care of a Pet

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Another short film I made to teach kids about the responsibility of taking care of a pet.


notebookbabies says:

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oshawott king says:


chab bondoc says:

0:53 that’s gross

hi says:

wow i wish one of my teaches would take the time to sit down and make a
short film

crazypianolady says:

This has to be my favourite

Felis Polosatis says:

the soundtrack is very nice!) what is that?

SammySam323 says:

i was hoping for exercise your pet…..exorcise your pet!! and theres a
bunch of priests and the turtles possed

Noy Avrahami says:

i wish my teacher do things like that …..

Alexandra Meininger says:

LOL @ the veterinarian.

Noah Wingren says:


Celso Reyes says:

haha this video is fun should do more because children learn a lot …. I
had a pitbull dog and his name was Vulcan but he was killed: (

pointegurl says:

too cute 😀


loool i laughed so hard when he washed his pets back

MeanieMuff says:

Just cute.. I’m sending this to my nephew.. LOL

JollySock says:

Aw, this was so cute! You’re seriously an amazing teacher, I can tell that
you are if you take so much time just to make videos to help your class
learn. I wish I had teachers like that!

Karenka818 says:

Today I found notebook babies. Today was a happy day! 🙂

Jokerhamil says:

Dude, I want to be in your class.

Jose Cuevas says:

this video is more beautiful than all videos I seen, i have two dogs one
dog is pachi an second dog is lazi

dontwantanusername says:


wordup2yourmother says:

I want a dog/turtle hybrid. They are more friend-efficient.

swagliad says:

i love the way the pet thing eats. OM NOM NOM!

JessusTheMessiah says:

i love this vid

gummybear2239 says:

your videos are great for kids to learn from!

webkinzclubmembers says:

O_o Thats one FAST turtle

Emmie N says:

the pet isnt eating anything! its and empty bowl!

NathanLStanfield says:

@ChristinaWolflethat costs the pet extra

bffgurls1 says:

57 ppl need a pet


i have a scorpion

Bye Felicia says:

i was the sixty nineth person to like tht comment up there ! 🙂

4Champ2and0 says:

Awwe..this is such a great video! 🙂 But you forgot to add giving the pet

SpicyCarrot19 says:

Is that a turtle?

Raquosh says:

Haha ! Cool one

Noy Avrahami says:

i wish my teacher do things like that :O

Ximena Melodeath says:

I love these cute things

DaReconGuy says:

me 2 and my teacher doesnt animate either. 🙁 i wish he did.

jacobyhottie1 says:

omggg thtsss sooo cutte !!!

priscillaxoxoxox says:

aww, the enjoy your pet part, so cute. I did it for the lulz.

webkinzclubmembers says:

O_o Thats one FAST turtle

899dman says:

i want a pet turtle, now i know how to take care of 1 lol

cyberhen10 says:

lol my favorite part is when he poops.

InvaderTwinz2 says:

it pooped

xxcaityxxo says:

that’s cute

CRLAngler says:

What if I hav A fish

123rustbucket says:

cuttttttttteeeeeeeee im ganna volte for it 🙂

Bindgr Ghali says:


katenka4321 says:


Aileen Analeen says:

Uhh there’s no food in the bowl. And you forgot the soap to wash it ahah

chocotaco21 says:

i love how it poops again right after the little guy scoops it up. lol

Theconspiracy777 says:

Lol the little turds under it XD

celver28 says:

i love playing with my pets!! awesome vids u have tony 🙂

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