How to pick up a rabbit – Teeny’s Tips

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House Rabbit Society of Singapore (HRSS) volunteer Teeny teaches how to pick up your pet rabbit in her one of her 1 min. tips to rabbit care. For more info on rabbits and rabbit care click on the link above.


Lisa Daniels says:

OMG, who taught this woman how to hold a rabbit? You NEVER lie them on
their backs unless they’re under anaesthetic

Olivia Fagan-Weston says:

How can I pick up my rabbit when she doesn’t even liked to be pet? She
doesn’t run away from me so she’s not scared but she just doesn’t like to
be touched. When I try and pick her up she might be okay but then she just
squirms and falls out, I don’t want her to get hurt.

no comment says:

Rabbits should not be put on their backs .Please see Tonic Immobility in
rabbits for further information.

Zahi Hoque says:

this doesn’t work with my giant breed. anyone know how to pick up giant

dubhad says:

That’s a very beautiful bunny :)

patrik hesz says:

this is not work

Ballie Bunny says:

Is Spite missing one eye?

Matthew Driver says:

I got a baby bunny and pratise picking her up and putting her down

silver claw says:

Thank u for the advice vidios :D

Ruqia Bibi says:

I want my rabbit to go fat but dont know how to 

dubhad says:

Bun bun

Randy Flores says:

What if they kick and scratch? Do they need time to feel comfortable and
safe with their owner?

swiggity swag says:

1. IT LOOKS SO SCARED and 2. you shouldn’t hold them like that as they have
sensitive spines

Evernessa Neverlessa says:

Lol she is just so funny. 

Sarah Lundy says:

I’m persuading my mom to let me get a bunny named hitch and I almost got
her. But the one ill be getting loves to me held

wongapb says:

Love the video. Very clear and concise, very nicely made. More please!!!
And the bunny is way cute!!

kani92 says:

aww, I would’ve wanted to volunteer there when I lived in Singapore had a I
known it even existed! x)

TastyThailand says:

You never ever ever pick up a rabbit by the scruff of their neck. It’s
incredibly cruel and it hurts them. Your aunt doesn’t have a clue.

TeenyTeh says:

@Kelhibbert Hi Kelhibbert, it’s understandable that she may behave this
way. Reason being rabbits are the prey animal and even the slightest sounds
and movements can startle them. Once she knows that your/ her home is a
safe and secure place, and when she becomes more familliar with you and her
new home, she will be more calm – a good indicator is when she flops to the
side. =) In the meantime, do stroke her head when you can and reassure her
that “Everything is alright”.

Marie Wellekens says:

thank you Teeny for all the good info. I never let my rabbit lay in my arms
with his back down (I think he don’t like it). I let my rabbit allways sit
on my arms with the feet on my arms and his back up.

BoolaHoola says:

Banana’s and apples but only as treats because if you give them too much
because too much can cause diarrhea to develop.

_Razzle_ says:

Rabbits are social creatures who like to live with others. If you often
leave home, it might be a good idea to get your rabbit a friend, but NEVER
let them run around unattended until you are sure they are bonded. There
are many videos and books on bonding rabbits, If you are planning on
letting your rabbits have unlimited access to your apartment, make sure you
have your precious things out of the way and untouchable by bunny paws, and
thoroughly bunny-proof your home.

Katie Marie says:

Because it will make them more scared :/ you need to try to make them trust
you more first. My dad went and sat in our rabbit hutch for like two hours
because we have a timid rabbit, they take a lot of time to tame.

princhi1 says:

I wish it was that easy with my rabbit!! *cries*

Kashif Kadri says:

Aww my rabbit scared my rabbit too sweet and smart 🙂

Broccolily says:

I’m new to rabbits but I’m sure that wouldn’t like bring upside down?

TeenyTeh says:

Hi kooltheman, u can get hay, pellets & litter wood pellets frm some
petshops. Hay: Ensure it is green & fresh. Go for hay frm USA rather than
China as they r higher quality. 4 adult rabbits, opt 4 Timothy Hay, Orchard
Grass or Oat Hay. Pellets: Ensure high in fibre. AVOID colourful rabbit
feeds (with things like corn, nuts etc). Even though these feeds look
attractive, they r bad for e rabbit – just pellets would suffice. I use
Oxbow Bunny Basics T. For litter pellets, I use WoodyPet. =)

S Miller says:

Yeah putting a rabbit down like that is easy unless your not a tiny person,
im 6ft and would fall on my rabbit putting it down like that

TeenyTeh says:

@kooltheman Sterilizing or neutering your rabbit refers to the removal of
the reproductive organs of either a male or a female of the rabbit. People
frequently refer to the surgery in a female as a “spay”. There are numerous
benefits to sterilizing your rabbit including the prevention of unwanted
pregnancies. You have to go to a rabbit savy vet to get this procedure
done. Where are you located at kooltheman?

TeenyTeh says:

@Tripleco1 Hi Tripleco1, e best housing for any rabbit is where they get
free run of a rabbit-proofed house (not couped up in a cage). If that’s not
possible, a play pen set up (made up of 6 playpens – meant 4 dogs), is good
too. If u really need to house e rabbit in a cage, ensure that e cage is at
least 2ft x 3ft and e bottom of e cage (where e rabbit contacts e ground),
is not made of hard wires. If it is, do put some rubber or plastic tiles on
e wires to prevent sore hocks on rabbit’s feet.

AngelPrincess56 says:

Rabbits can eat any kinds of fruit, but don’t give them too much because it
will give them diaherra and it’s high in sugar for them. Don’t give them
watermelon because, well, it’s watery. Best of luck.

SuperMrsChavez says:

my bunny name pancho

aaron Artillaga says:

Your rabbit is surely behaving while on the video.It has no intention to

TeenyTeh says:

@melurz Hi melurz, it’s natural & normal tt rabbits don’t liked to b picked
up (as they r e prey animal & they liken being picked up to being caught by
a predator). Thus when u try to do it, they will bite & scratch in their
defense. Also, if your rabbit is not sterilized/ neutered, he is more
likely to b more aggressive. Sterilizing/ neutering will make ur rabbit
calmer and easier to handle. And after that, it’s practice & bonding tt
will build that trust between rabbit & owner. Good luck!

Tanya Brillisour says:

my rabbit won’t let me clip his nails and he hurts me really bad

05Nataku says:

Is it the play of the light or is spice blind to one eye? I noticed when
you put him down that his right? eye seems to be less clear than the others
like it’s blind or something. Just curious.

tigers3010 says:

My bunny hates going upside down????

TeenyTeh says:

@bobcar714 Hi bobcar714, how to you normally pick up your rabbit? As long
as you support the rabbit’s body + butt, and bring the rabbit close to your
body immediately (so the rabbit feels secure and safe), there can be slight
variations in the way the rabbit is picked up.

Troy Ramadin says:

this video was helpful yet funny, how did she say all that with out
laughing her ass off?

MissNiji says:

you use a towel to secure their top part of the body then scoop him/her up
like she did on the video.

breyerhorsesrock206 says:

My rabbit, Cocoa won`t let me pick her up at all. She kicks and scratches
me what am I supposed to do??? Please help!!!!!!

cmceny says:

Spice is such an adorable and calm rabbit. I have two new 6wk old
Netherland dwarf rabbits and they only come near me when they think I have
a treat then run away once they don’t see it. They come near me to
investigate, smell, and one nips at me. I noticed, when I clapped my hands
one thumps their hind legs, like Thumper from Bambi. Is there any way to
show them I can provide a safe, friendly, and loving home. I wish to hold
and pet them. Also, I wish they would stop pooping on my bed.

callum cooper says:

I cant pick my rabbit up !

YKCosmetics says:

i just got 2 bunnies :D~!!!

BunnyLover FourEva says:


MsBusybunny says:

Stay tune for more rabbit care videos…

faizaan khokhar says:

your rabbit does not jump or anything . Cause i never picked mine up my
brothers does it for me but u want to learn. thanks for the video i will try

Richard Poole says:

He looks good ! is this after the abscess

Dani Faith says:

what breed of rabbit are sugar and spice??

miannehime107 says:

my rabbit doesn’t even let me touch her. how am i supposed to pick her up
in this case to do grooming?

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