How To Care For Your Pet Frog | Living Jungle Melbourne

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Close – Tips On How To Care For Your Pet Frog. Visit Living Jungle At 586 Ballarat Road Sunshine. Just Of The Western Ring Road And 10 Minutes From Melbourne CBD


Max Dobson says:

ummm i don’t get this

birdman reggie says:

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jerrelovespunk says:

good video,thanks!

rovekimp says:

Hmmm… Here are my add-ons: – You can feed these frogs earthworms and
guppies if you know a parasite-free breeder of guppies. Do not use
earthworms, they may cause impaction. -10, if not 20 gallons per extra
frog. – Never mix species. – Try not to handle these frogs much. If you do,
for no more than 5 minutes. Less would be better. – I strongly suggest
making an account on the Frog Forum and asking experts there for advice

JeffSaysSmile says:

Thanks this really helped!

Max Dobson says:

sorry I’m from Germany and i don’t really understand you must be ur gay
accent thanks 🙂

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