How to Care for Tortoises : Picking a Tortoise

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A tortoise can make a great exotic pet and come in several varieties. Learn how to pick out a healthy tortoise as a pet with tips from a reptile expert in this free pet care video.

Expert: Cordell Jacques
Bio: Cordell Jacques has worked in the pet industry for more than 10 years, currently working at Huron Pet Supply in Ann Arbor, Mich.
Filmmaker: Travis Waack


MrQuijibo says:

Hello, I have a small tortoise that I inherited from a family member. I
don’t know much about them but I have read about them and tried to learn.
Unfortunately it seems the tortoise is suffering from pyramiding. This
isn’t a huge problem, but what grade of sanding paper do I need to smoothen
the shell? Do you guys do it by hand or use power tools to rectify your own

Mark Allen says:

I love these creatures – that one reminds me of my Russian tortoise , Tina.

98 Supra Fanatic says:

How much does it cost to maintain a turtle. Like keep it in good health,
buying food, etc?

Luke Cano says:

You dont need to buy a greek tortoise for a beginner pet mine was a sulcata
and to this day I still have her 

Jar Kas says:

Thanks Edson could u please tell me who?

Terrific Trem Tinaxx says:

Thank You, now I will buy a greek tortoise since 7 inches is ok, now I need
to get the tank and I cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

theysee metrolling says:

I’m getting a hermans tortoise

Jar Kas says:

How much does a tortoise cost

TTS001nud says:

Iv got a 1 year old greek tortoise called leonardo 

donado xie says:

How can you take good care of an aldabra tortoise?

crunchywilliam says:

@9912699125 yes they will as soon as they touch water

Terry Prieto says:

i have an aquatic turtle; he eats goldfish and hes 13; older then me♥turtle

locthiennguyen says:


Eamonn Kearney says:

i have two, reggie and toby 🙂

Luke Ellis says:

@deathsami3 Mines called DASH!

Syeon 칭총 says:

0:37 i bet the guy was like sniff my finger!! sniff it!

jen steeves says:

Where can you get a Greek tortoise in Canada new Brunswick lol

PredatorNuke says:

mines is pickle

SuprafighterKO says:

@nxtsumo sure why not seems fun to raise four turtles to kill for revenge

Thetacklemanj says:

@skulldumm1 what is the chepes one

deathsami3 says:

@MrNikcccc i got a dog too but shes satan him self! LOL but shes very
aggressive and pisses her self when she have been home alone for like 10
min and when i comeback shes jumping on me and pisses her self xD

ryancooke876 says:

lol my tortoises name is going to be called mr. T

iloveh2o13 says:

100+ mostly. my aunt has one that still acts young. he is well into his
90’s. alot of people hand them down a generaton so they can live a full
life. lol x x

DonErection says:

Mine is Hardy.

poppypink126 says:

mine has the coolest name ever his name is MR.pickles

Thedownhilldemolishers says:

thx for the info

hamzaa57 says:

What happens when his nail is broken

laramill says:

How to get a good tortoise? Don’t buy from a pet store, where they are wild
caught. Go to a reputable breeder for a captive-born tortoise (or adopt one
in need of a home) It’s the only responsible way.

tubetoiletv2000 says:

i love the random pink dot at 0:45

TheUninfected says:

I am from Singapore and they are illegal here too =( sad sad

Rachel Francis says:

If there is a crack and the tortoise is bleeding or oozing, the tortoise
needs to be taken to a vet… But if you cannot afford that zoomed has a
repti wound-healing aid that can help. Also, with a proper high fiber and
low protein diet the tortoise can go back to normal with time.

jmhowe00 says:

Where do you buy a tortise

Proximo Alpha says:

I would like get one but my parents dont wont let me buy it and got one at
home cause they think i dont gonna take care of it 🙁

Arcyguana says:

@deathsami3 That is a bit funny but tortoises can have a turbo boost (just
saying its a boost) with a lot os speed

RadioheadHim says:


IGenesis says:

can anyone tell me if a tortoise will pee?

Anna McDermott says:

Very Interesting Video I have a pet Hermann`s tortoise of my own called

Ka Mcc says:

Ask where the tortoise was acquired. Most in the pet industry are wild
caught – IF they survive, most will have parasites (which you won’t see) –
make sure you have plenty of money for vet bills! Walk out and find a
reputable breeder.

PredatorNuke says:

nice name

tteezzrreell says:

im thinking of getting one and does any1 know which tortoise stays the
smallest? or are they all the same size at adult?

smellab1000 says:

what is the scientific name of it?

oVALLACKo says:

@Icelemonaide thank you 🙂

IGenesis says:

really?omg!!!but why?i thought all animals should poop and pee?

tteezzrreell says:

y does my volume sound echoy and kinda like a robot? is this happening to
any one else?

Icelemonaide says:

@oVALLACKo You can not get rid of it completly, but you can definatley
prevent it from getting worse. Just feed it a diet high in fiber and very
low in protein. Feed him stuff like grass, dandelion, collard, and mustard
greens. Commercial turtle food isn’t the best for them. Also, not too much

F64Dragonai says:

I don’t have one yet, but when I do get it in a few days, I’m gonna name it

galenator123 says:

you forgot to mention when you choose your tortoise make sure theres no
nasal discharge

Amy Torbett says:

where can u buy tortoises??petsmart or petco dont keep them

wesley hennessee says:

aww i want one but theyre ilegal in tennessee =.(

vidiomaster303 says:

@generationx1254 ikr. Im getting a guinea pig or tortise in 8 months. My
friend’s greek tortoise fallows him! its so adorable, i died laughing my
head off! Shelly (tortoise name) wiggles his little arms and i cant help
but smile. I might get a tortoise.

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