Emergency Dog Health Care : How To Treat Your Dogs Broken Toe Nails

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Learn what to do if you accidentally clip your dog’s toenail to the quick in this free dog health care video series, with tips from a veterinarian.

Expert: Dr Adrienne Mulligan
Bio: Dr. Adrienne Mulligan started her lifelong dream to be a veterinarian at Oakridge High School in Oakridge, Tennessee.
Filmmaker: Chuck Tyler


ohiocountryboy82 says:

So, I made a comment a long time ago about a LAST RESORT option to stop
bleeding and recently I got a reply comment from a Deborah Schafer who
asked if I am flipping crazy and said I am a stupid a**. I would just like
to reply and maybe clarify what I was saying. I did say that it was painful
and therefore a LAST RESORT when you have nothing else. I said to do it if
you had no other means (and sometimes pressure just doesn’t work). I have
been practicing veterinary medicine for many years and have only done this
a couple times in the field when nothing else was available and pressure
wasn’t working (normally it does). It caused very little distress to the
animal. It is common in veterinary medicine to cauterize vessels to stop
bleeding (though not normally in this type of situation). As an example, we
use electric dehorners or branding irons to cauterize vessels when
dehorning cattle with large horns (though we normally recommend that the
owner get us to burn the horn buds off when they are young calves).
However, I do use Lidocaine to block the Cornual nerve first. Anyhow, I
said it was a last resort and meant it as a thing to do in a emergency like
situation when the bleeding just won’t stop by pressure alone. Furthermore,
it is not shear torture as she said. Yes it is painful and I would never do
it in a normal situation. However, when I’ve done it, it lasted mere
seconds and the animals acted as if it hurt less after than before. It
doesn’t hurt them any more then when people accidently trim their nails too
short (which every vet & vet tech has done at some point-it happens).
Actually, if you judge the animals reaction, it seems to hurt them less. I
just wanted to respond because I didn’t appreciate the comment stating that
I am a “Crazy”, “stupid a**”. I am a pretty well educated person who has
dedicated my life to helping animals and the people who own them. You took
my comment out of context. So, hopefully this clarifies what I meant. Maybe
try to think a little more about what someone is saying before spouting
off. By the way, I don’t need your advise on how to not get bit. I have
been kicked by cows, charged & thrown into the air by a bull, slammed up
against barn walls, scratched, and much more, but amazingly I somehow have
never been bit by a dog (knock on wood)! —ohiocountryboy82, DVM

Taylor Siegfried says:

Dont get wrong, me what u do is awsome but… That dog is looking like he
hates u right now lol

24ogilove says:

REMEMBER, dont roll the bandage around too hard because it can hinder the
blood circulation. THUMBS UP so everyone can see!

Deborah Schafer says:

Are you flipping crazy? That is shear torture of a dog who is suppose to be
your best friend. Have you ever heard of flour, cornstarch or just
pressure. All of which will not cause pain to your pet and will keep your
stupid a** from getting bit!!!

Deborah Schafer says:

You can treat a simple fractured toenail at home. If it is bleeding you
must stop the bleeding first. If it is caused by a toenail trim, simply
stop the bleeding. Home supplies to stop bleeding: flour, cornstarch,
simple pressure, septic powder (if you have it). If the nail is broken, you
need to trim any jagged edges. If the nail is broken high up, that is when
you need to see a vet! Bandaging should have a pad, padding, gauze, and

Munawar Shad says:

So if a dog breaks his toenail u Have to take him to the vet? just askin my
dog broke his nail i did something similar to the video, and we have a
really busy time right now so if it is necessery i will take him to the vet
just some1 tell me if u have to take the dog to the vet

skate0913 says:

agreed but it is very helpful

BlueStream123321 says:

once while my mom was cutting my dog’s toenails she cut too much by
accident and it bleeded real bad. all we did was use a tissue to stop the
blood from getting everywhere and she was fine.

Christine Thibeault says:

Great tips, the vet seems nervous though and should practice in front of a
mirror first before the camera.

84Supraman says:

use a dremel to file the dogs nails and no issues with cutting too short.
Also super glue works wonders to stop bleeding nails and if the dog has a
split nail wrap it in cotton thread and coat with super glue and it will
prevent the nail from splitting further. Bath the broken toe nail each day
in salt water and coat with polysporin to prevent infection. no need really
for a 200 dollar vet bill

sneakernight8789 says:

yea did u ever find out cause i doin what thhey should here but i am unable
to take him to the vet and atleast not at this moment i need to know if it
is vital

george oshea says:

my dog broke his nail and its bleeding and i dont know what to do can
anyone help

ohiocountryboy82 says:

If you don’t have any powder, do this to stop bleeding. It will cause a
fair amount of pain, but stops the bleeding fast: Take a metal object (I
have used metal scissors) and heat the end of it w/ a lighter or stove
burner. Hold the object on the nail for a short time (appx 5-7 sec.) Check
for bleeding. repeat if necessary. Only do this if you have no other means
to stop bleeding (because it is painful!). Last resort only! Make sure the
dog is restrained well so you don’t get bit.

Isabel Guerrero-Lubarsky says:

aww what a cute doh

george oshea says:

and it hurts him when you move it or touch it btw

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