Dog Care: Shedding Dogs

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This video is to help new/old dog owners. I hope this dog care video helps you out, by knowing why a dog sheds, and what you can do. 🙂 In this video I show you guys how I comb my dogs. Remember to HIT the like button if this video helped you! And make sure to subscribe if you want to see more dog care videos! 😀
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Itzel Babee says:

I love it this is so helpful THX! Also my dog hates people cutting his hair
but he loves people plz tell me what is a good way to stop his fear!

Bec. says:

My Jack Russell is a dog that sheds all year round, so we have to use a
Fulminator daily to keep his shedding to a minimum. Lol.

MyPets1031 says:

Get a brush called the Furminator. It works great for my cats, and my aunts
have them for their dogs. If you use them regularly it should help. However
you shouldn’t shave dogs with an undercoat like yours have because that
undercoat also helps them keep cool in the winter.

GeorgePetLover says:

OMG! 😮 that’s crazy yo! lol My dog only sheds for their summer coat and
winter. And boy do I hate shedding seasons! lol I bought this thing call
shed pal, and it doesn’t even work! >.<

GeorgePetLover says:

I never heard of a Furminator before. I’ll have to check that out. And if I
had to shave my dogs I would just prefer to cut it with scissors for the
summer. And yes the undercoat does help them keep warm in the winter.

rabbits202 says:

you should cut your dogs hair lol thankyou for the video very nice video i
also hate the shedding seasons lol even though my dogs a short heair boy
does a buch of fur come out of them

GeorgePetLover says:

Sorry for late reply. haha But i don’t really know how to help you out on
this one. But an advice is to make her feel comfortable. Like saying good
boy/girl! and petting him/her while someone cuts her/his hair. Hope I
helped! 🙂

Itzel Babee says:

Plz answer thx!

Itzel Babee says:

Also I just made a bunny taming video plz check it out thx!

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