Dog Agility Training Basics : Teaching Dogs Agility Tricks

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Start with basic agility obstacles that can be purchased at a pet store. Learn about teaching dog basic agility tricks with tips from a professional dog trainer in this free pet care video.

Expert: Dustin Daniels
Bio: Mark Siebel owns DOGGIE STEPS Dog Training, and teaches agility basics and dog tricks.
Filmmaker: Dustin Daniels


adelarge says:


Cydney Dautzenberg says:
Aiming for Epic says:

You can’t buy most agility obstacles at a local pet store…

Aiming for Epic says:

You obviously don’t know what you’re doing LOL

ZOMFGitsben says:

yer i sort of realised that haha it nose dived into the floor yesterday

Hushpuppygirl says:

I bet that guy went blind after making this video considering he was
staring right into the sun. Other than that nice video.

Kelsey K. says:

Awh. lol.

raquazalmj says:

=) this is good THX

Natasha M says:

I think by discipline he does not mean punishment, but the same sort of
self-discipline/training of an athlete

poppygpig says:

fab =)

nothingspecial says:

@bubbysacuty me too. 🙂

bubbysacuty says:

i love horses more than dogs but my dog would be great at this stuff

horseluver343 says:

Nice tips! Thx…

Aiming for Epic says:

discipline? Time? how about patience, persistence, and dedication?

christina wilkins says:

Very helpfull. Thanks.

Lindzuniverse says:

Dog agility equipment is expensive, wait for good deals on eBay and make
some yourself. You don’t need to discipline your dog, the more happy and
positive I am, the more excited and happy my dog is.

JiveDadson says:

Aaaaargh! I clicked on another Expert Village video. Dag nab it.

Kelsey K. says:

I wouldn’t jump your puppy yet. Only bars on the ground. You dont want to
hurt his little growing joints.

ZOMFGitsben says:

omg lol i tried to make my 6 week old toy maltese pom to jump over the
first bar bit thingy and he went under it :S LOL!!

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