Dino Pet living night light to teach kids about bioluminescence

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It may be shaped like a cartoonish Apatosaurus, but the original inspiration for the Dino Pet’s name comes from the dinoflagellates it contains. Specifically, this interactive toy gets its glow from the Pyrocystis fusiformis species of marine algae, which when shaken emit a blue light for a short time. A bottle of algae may sound like a strange pet, but the designers have noted that the dinoflagellates are especially suited to children, since they’re easy to take care of, non-toxic, and will even glow brighter to indicate when they’re being properly cared for.

To produce its living night light, Yonder Biology first developed a method for growing about 300 liters (79 US gal) of dinoflagellates each year, which ensures it can maintain a steady supply. The company also settled on a polyethylene-based plastic for the container, which the designers found produced the sharpest glowing effect. Each Dino Pet has a volume of about 500 ml (17 oz), which can hold a mixture of dinoflagellates, salt water, and nutrients. The designers have made 3D-printed prototypes that are mostly enclosed, but the final version of the container will have a non-leaking port for adding nutrients or refilling it with more algae.


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TheTrackDownTeam says:

How long is its lifespan?

deltafox399j says:

Fucking rip off I rather do this shit myself without a useless and
expensive lab. 

Mighty Number Games says:
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tododinosaurios says:

Great idea !!!! as dino-fans we love it !!! Congratulations !!!!

Jon Buchanan says:

This is an AWESOME idea! My daughter will LOVE hers!

captainskurge27 says:

I want one!

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