Diets Prepared at Home for Dogs : Dog Care 101

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Whether you’re feeding raw or a cooked diet, your dog’s meal need to consist primarily of protein. Find out about diets prepared at home for dogs with help from a master K9 trainer in this free video clip.

Expert: Blake Rashad
Bio: Blake Rashad enlisted into the United States Army where he was offered an opportunity to train K-9s for military purposes, and was able to train all over the world.
Filmmaker: Eugene Bussey

Series Description: When it comes to dog care, there are always a few key things that you’ll want to keep in mind. Get tips on dog care with help from a master K9 trainer in this free video series.


David McClellan says:

We had a lot of trouble with bladder stones with our Hannah (a Cairn
terrier) including an instances of acute retention which could have killed
her, but a change of diet to a bland and natural one, including raw meat,
seem to solve the problem on a life long basis. Most vets seem to favour a
change of diet.

For a successful bladder stone diet and description of Hannah’s problems
and details of her case history please see –


Sandra Sarnicki says:

I have often thought of doing this, I will have try this now,thanks.´╗┐

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