Cockatiel Care – Basics Of Caring For Your Pet Cockatiel, Taming, Training And Behavior

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Lilly Von says:

Australia has the best parrots ever – take that Amazon!

Maddie Gray says:

Hi, I have a quick question, I’d love to have a cockatiel but I work
sleepover shifts usually 1 night a week and long shifts about 3 days a week
(8am-10pm) Im worried that they might become distressed if I am out for a
long shift or over night. What are your thoughts on this? Maddie x

Matthew Trent says:

cockatiels are my life.

Harri Bower says:

do they chew shelf’s?

Kat Gene says:

Thank you so much! I love my new cockateil SO MUCH so I appreciate these
tips on how to keep him happy.

titanx9 says:

I have an adorable, friendly, and adventurous 3 month old cinnamon pearl
that I’m still hand feeding. Idk the sex yet but with that level of energy
and cleverness I don’t really think it makes much of a difference. I’ve had
him/her for just over a week and it already learned a wolf whistle and is
comfortable playing with everything and hanging out with me, specially on
my head, shoe, or sock 😀 I’m now trying to introduce friends and family to
play with him, but I’m the one who’s having a hard time trusting them with
him lol.

Rico Suave says:

Since they can’t see glass Should I be worried about my fish tanks being in
the way of one flight path 

Darryl Sawyer says:

+netgirl4349 My advice is to let it go and buy one that is not wild. If you
do keep it (im assuming you will) get it a nice sized cage and feed it a
good quality pelleted diet with some seed and vegetables. Tame it very
slowly by putting your hand in the cage and not moving it getting a little
closer every day. the goal is to desensitize it and get it to learn youre
not a predator. put some food in your hand and if it doesn’t come close or
sit on your hand within a few days remove its food for a day or two and
keep putting your hand in with food in it. also get a perch and teach it to
step on the perch. I advise you to buy a clicker.

Harri Bower says:

wooden shelfs?

vladutu99I says:

My cockatiel hates getting touched:C, he only stays of my finger or
shoulder but wont let me touch him anywhere else

Darryl Sawyer says:

Cockatiels need more than seeds, a good high quality pelleted diet is good
for them. Seeds are fattening and should be fed in moderation.

Emberly White says:

so am I.

purplecandy says:

i also got mine for my bday and yea its totally normal there just either
scared or teased

caramelsquid says:

Thanks this was very helpful!

prostarkooki says:

my cockatiel says kiss kiss lol i told them how to say it

DeniseMarieArtist says:

Also, cockatiels don’t “oil” their feathers; they distribute powder from a
gland above the tail.

netgirl4349 says:

My dog caught a wild cockatiel. So I now have it in a medium size dog cage
with a newspaper floor, but he won’t come close to me and he bites so any
advice of what to do I don’t want to get rid of it. It’s the first bird I
have ever had so I don’t now much about birds.

wedingo says:

I have a question… Do they poop all around the house ? I just got mine
and it has a smaller cage than it should, so i’m thinking of letting him
out most of the time, but i’m worried about the mess.

Gigi Nordquist says:

i love your cage …. im saving up for a cockatiel now but it is expensive
i love birds and always will nice video’

NotAn0riginalGirl says:

Female can be anxious.And female are sometimes really mean. But males arent
mean or anything but sometime males could be mean and bite you.maybe it
doesnt trust you.

marty10fm says:

thats fine but if your not going to be in your room and your bird is alone
all day with no interaction, its best to get him/her a little friend 🙂

SHERI P says:

Hi you have a beautiful cage where did you get it?

56scaniaboy says:

my bird is tame but is quite flighty how can i help him stop?

shine01120 says:

hi, i got my cockatiel from a pet store 2 weeks ago. he seems fine with me
having my hand in his cage, and he’ll even take food from my hand, but if
my hand or finger touches him while he’s taking food from me, he backs off
and hisses. how can i get him to become tame enough to let me touch him?

LesnarNextBigThingF5 says:

bitches be crazy, maybe it knows yours a female.

emerald alpha says:

What does it mean when they puff up?

Dotty McLotty says:

any owner of a cockatiel should give them a diet including…fruit..steamed
veg and scrambled or boiled eggs….vital nutrients…….I am the owner of
2 cockatiels and only learnt of this recently….

Carol Lesner says:

Very informative Sheri!!! Love it…

joshua lance says:

my cockatiel is spewing up i dont have the money to take it to te vet what
can i do i just do not want her to die plz help me asap

Lulu Connel says:

Uhh I have a question… I just got a Cockatiel for my birthday, and is it
normal for it to keep biting me? Like not hard, kind of like it’s playing.
But also, how would you know if it’s mad or something?

Izzy says:

@wackywonderfish Oh no how did it die?

11trebleclef . says:

My cockatiel is 13 years old and he’s been friendly since he was a chick
but when we had to give away its cage mate he became very hostile. What do
I do?

Jeantee Small says:


Nick Mathews says:

No way, they do that all the time! What a stupid coincidence.

Memefries says:

Is it ok to keep it alone in my room with me? Since I have cats I don’t
want them to eat the bird 🙂 I didn’t know if it made them lonely..

wordmatthew says:

do you keep their wings trimmed or not?

pchfmg says:

They are so affectionate….I love cockatiels….

Grey Nolds says:

Thank you for this great video!

DeniseMarieArtist says:

Contrary to popular belief, seeds are NOT a balanced diet. Even if they’re
a blend.

Died4all says:

You’re bad at grammar.

sacoolman says:

Thank you for that valuable info.

wordmatthew says:

i just bought one and they trimmed the wings before I took him home…i
didn’t know if this was normal or not

Mark Lee says:

beautiful cage! looks very well made! do you make and sell them by any

iMachacker says:

@wordmatthew It is okay to have their wings trimmed however, it is just to
prevent them from “flying off too fast or far” its good for beginners
however later on you may want to teach your cockatiel recalling and flying
around the place etc. if so then don’t clip their wings. Personally as an
owner of a cockaktiel and 4 parakeets, I dont trim the wings. Not many
people trim theirs, if you need help with anything: trainedparrot(dot)com
Very helpful for all types of birds

wackywonderfish says:

i had a cockatiel for 4 years but sadly last year i died we’re planning on
getting a new one but i miss him.

TheTomasr26 says:

they’re happy, or sleepy, or cold

deathghost65 says:

The one with the yellow head is exactly how my bird looks like

iMachacker says:

@wordmatthew and from looking at the pictures of her cockatiels, no they
aren’t trimmed.

Jeantee Small says:

Maybe u should clip there p Wing

Kyle Vartanian says:

This isn’t the best video for the nutrition of cockatiels

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