Cat Behavior & Care : Cat Behavior: Medication

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With cat behavior problems, medication can sometimes be used as a last resort. Learn about cat behavior medications with tips from an animal rescue volunteer in this free video on cat behavior.

Expert: Tracy Carreiro
Bio: Tracy Carreiro is member of The Faxon Animal Rescue League. The League was founded in 1913 to help overworked and abused draft horses.
Filmmaker: Christian Munoz-Donoso


Cernunnas says:

when i brought a new cat home, my old cat went totally nuts. i bought a
pheromone spray, it didnt work. then i bought a pheromone plug-in thingy
that lasted for a month and it did nothing either. i finally had to learnt
to live with them 2 not getting along (its been like this for like 8 months
and it doesnt get better). theyre 2 neutered males. im not saying they dont
work, but in my case they were expensive and they didnt help at all.

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