Caring for Parakeets : Parakeet Cage Tips

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Got a pet parakeet? Learn how to pick out the best cage for your pet parakeet in this free pet care video clip.

Expert: Elizabeth Cantu
Bio: Elizabeth Cantu has owned and been working with parrots since 1994. She has been active in captive parrot rescue and rehabilitation.
Filmmaker: julio costilla


mervat zaki says:

Thank you this is the best video I have ever seen!

mervat zaki says:

Do you know that 45,178 people whatched this video

Yuvraj Singh says:

Plz tell me where did you get that cage

Ameer Rafy Rozelly says:

how big a cage is needed for one parakeet?
did 36x26x46 enough for one parakeet?
or 47x30x33 enough?
which one is better?
please answer need quick answer

Cha Monticue says:

I am actually looking into acquiring my first parakeet bird. You’r videos
are very helpful and informing. 

Ameer Rafy Rozelly says:

how about 35x26x46, is it enough for one parakeet?

Ameer Rafy Rozelly says:

did 47x30x33 enough for a parakeet?

Char Bubblz says:

I have a cage 5 times that big for my 3 parakeets 🙂 my cage costed about
$250 O.O

IchigoDluffy says:

@Rishart5 verrrrryy goood

puppy5115 says:

@narutonamikazuzamaki its okk he will probably get it soon! 🙂 + they’re

Elise Laframboise says:

Can a budgie have an impacted crop ?

puppy5115 says:

@narutonamikazuzamaki its okk he will probably get it soon! 🙂 + they’re
cheap don’t forget to make a video of your parakeet as soon as u get one 🙂

chocogirl999 says:

whered you get the cage?

spartawar117 says:

i have 5 eggs so how big a cage should i get for 5 cos my cage is to tall
also should i have the babys in the same cage as the parents?

titanx9 says:

My budgie has a cage very similar to that one. Yeah, he has a lot of space
and toys.

KarinaRockss says:

@Sollist How much birds do you think it should have in it im thinking of
buying one

no1specialXD says:

hey i have the same cage but in white 😀

Nicole McCarthy says:

where did you get that cage

jefflovesmegan says:

no the bird isnt sick its still a baby

psyxou says:

thank u very much .. i’m doing that 🙂

Cody says:

@budgielover101 did u get one yet? just curious 😀


I havent found a cage like that. Where can i find one?

FlightX101 says:

finally i found 1

KarinaRockss says:

@Sollist ty for the info 🙂


and i was told like… 18x18x24 cages are good for parakeets… so 30x18x18
is good 2?

puppy5115 says:

@narutonamikazuzamaki did u get your parakeet yet??

cak213 says:

what kind of cage is that?! if it’s that cheap i want it.

Barraganneto says:

When I try to ttake my parakeets they fly they don’t stay or walk on the
cage the fly up hit the ceiling like twice tjem hit the floor am really
concerm hopefully u cam jelpe snd my wife we got 3 parakeets


@56animallover Yeah it is! The cage I got For my parakeet was like..
16x14x18 and i have just been using it for travel and taking him to the vet
once I got a 30x18x18 and i mean he loves it, This video was a huge help
because she is right they do just sit in one spot when the cage is small,
now that i have this cage he goes all over the place lol.

lastchaosfan1 says:

tnx for this useful tip=)

Mariely Segovia says:

right now I’m looking around and no matter how I go around it I’m still
going to end up spending about 40 some dollars for everything including the

Elise Laframboise says:

@toxicgas226 … is it dangerous ? Shes 8 years old but still very active
and very happy. Should I be worried ?

alexxxowns714 says:

i have 15 budgies.

Taylor Stout says:

i ❤ all ur videos!

randomgirl7878 says:

What should you put at the bottom of the cage?

deathtread12 says:

oi im the same with potbelly can u give me an answer but thy are taller
than long

Emi McBride says:

A little too much stuff

Peter Jamison says:

so if i just got my my budgie like one day day ago and he just got settled
in is it recmended that i get like a rectangle cage its just mine is like a
bit circular but its over 12 inches at the top so is this ok?

kegomekoroma says:

just everyday try and sit next to him don’t attack him don’t suprise him
and talk to him every morning and wat i do is let him fly around the house
i open his cage up at the top and let him fly around by the curtains b
respectful to the bird get him a good cage and give him food and toys youu
kno ask a pet store specialist what parakeets really really like 🙂 k?

Jessie Goodman says:

@lluong6443 ist a flight cage they are much cheaper than other cages

EverythingPets says:

your bird may need a little more time to get used to has to be tame
before getting the bird out of the cage.without taming it it may be hard
just putting your bird back to the cage or trying to catch it.

Bob Saget says:

i have never seen a cage that big for 35 – 50 dollars.

keetrolli3 says:

i found a cage that big on amazon for 40$ i’d say its a good price. its a
decent cage too. and he is a happy bird, he’s just a baby, so he’s fluffy

Peter Jamison says:

my 4week old budgie is very tame and when i take it out of the cage it
sometimes flies into things and i dont want it getting hurt so what can i
do to still let him fly out of the cage but i just want him to know not to
fly into stuff ??

Grace Vlogger says:

psyoux, you do not. They fall asleep in light.

TheCharlieShow1234 says:

By the next level, I mean like taking the bird out of the cage by tommorrow

S. Ferguson says:

Do you want the website i found a cage for $30?

narutonamikazuzamaki says:

im getting my parakeet this saturday and im really excited!!!i just hope i
give it a healthy and secure place to live i hope its happy too!I convinced
my mom to get me on after many attempt’s before school starts and so that i
have a companion!!!Wish me luck and i hope i will be a good pet parent!! =D

TheCharlieShow1234 says:

Just got a l parakeet yesterday. Is day 3 a good day to start taking things
to the next level? My bird has started chirping and eats a good amount of

littlebear1191 says:

just go to your local pet store they trim it there

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