Bunny Care Basics: Running Rabbits

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The big ones are laid back. The little ones love to run – but all rabbits need exercise — and plenty of it! To see more Bunny Care Basics and more WQED Petspots go to: http://www.wqed.org/neighborhood/pets


infant_swine says:

Other than the fact that larger rabbits are more mellow, a young child
can’t pick up a 15-20 pound rabbit 😉 I have 3 small rabbits, 2 mini rexes
and a holland lop, and they are all very hyper(even at 6 1/2 for the rexes!)

RunningRabbits says:


Todd Hanebrink says:

is there Bun Run’s in Las Vegas NV? I just got a new bunny and would love
to bring him to a place like this.

Julie N says:

awwwwww i wished i lived nearby so i could see the bun run

Cookie Box says:

my parents said im getting 1 for christmas 🙂

Sammy78girl says:

i have a question my bunny looks like the one with the white nose 0:39 what
breed is it?

leadee2007 says:

We rescued a little bunny and she’s adapting to the new environment
incredibly well. I’m amazed at how mellow she is and how well she gets
along with our two cats and even our hyper chihuahua. She apparently has
been handled a lot and likes a lot of interaction.

MantroX says:

@hasahisa2006 Yeah they’re so cute… and then they taste every wire
sticking out of your computer. Then they stop being cute.

iamburak says:

Oh god they are shitting everywhere

Emilie Klimke says:

great! I want to bring my bunny there! and why is there so many black
bunnys lol they’re all so cute!<3

FutureKookie says:

Is the bun run still avaliable? I will call if they still are. I was
wondering if i could take my bun to the bun run? Please respond!

autywon says:


Sugarplume5 says:

@RabbitFrenzyy me too

hasahisa2006 says:

this is coming from a guy ……. they look so cute i love the small ones

FutureKookie says:

@RabbitFrenzyy so do i 😀

Goober5005 says:

This would be awesome!!!but…..what if the mating process kicks in?wouldnt
want a pregnant bunny.

Martha Sotero says:

Aw cute

RabbitFrenzyy says:

my bunnies would love to go to a bun run, i wonder if they still host them

PanicRox11 says:

i think its great that they all get to socialize with eachother and just
have fun! *like!

rainewater24 says:

my parents got me rabbits when i was 11, i enden up with a butt load of
rabits months later and more every 6 months or so i think… my backyard
became a garden filled with puffy white furballs hoppin allover the place!
but i loved them, they come when their called! or maybe they just know that
it means FOOD!

RabbitFrenzyy says:

aw i wanna take my buns to the bun run

Melanie Thibault says:

Cute!!! I have a Havana Rabbit. Havana Rabbits are awesome!!!

MsGeishaGurl says:

the maze at 0:43 the one where rabbits are playing in and running around,
where can i buy one. i really want one because i have 2 younger bunnies and
i don’t always have time to play with them so i want one to put them in a
room to run around

Tallulah Brady says:

So cute when I get my rabbit I hope to make a mini version of the bun run
for my rabbit.

theart1rm says:

@mastermantrox That’s why you have to bunny proof your home, so they can’t
get to extension cords

AnimalLOV3R25 says:

I want a rabbit my mom said yes and my dad said guess what NO!So I am
trying to cenvince him to let me get one.

CITYSTARS217 says:

omg! the one at 1:00 his/hers little white nose awwwwwwwwwwwww so cute ^.^

BudgetBunny says:

This is so cute!!

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