Atheist Dog Care: Pet Care for Christians After the Rapture!

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A fun take on (what some people think a serious topic??!!): RAPTURE PET CARE! What will Christians do after they are raptured into heaven and leave their beloved pets behind? The solution: Beverly Hills Rapture Pet Care Services! I have impeccable non-Christian credentials and have a 100% guarantee of not being raptured, so I can remain behind and look after your pets for a low fee of $10,000 a month (plus expenses). lol.

No money up front! Leave the money with your attorney: trust me he isn’t getting raptured either!


HappyToBeReligionFree says:

It won’t be as easy as you think. Most of the believers here in L.A. are
Catholic hispanics, and they all have a couple of pit bulls. You’ll need
one of those heavily padded suits that the dog trainers have. Judging by my
neighborhood, I wouldn’t count on $10,000 per month, either.

Karl Buttler says:

This is so Funny….

The Rapture Kitty says:

HAHAHA! If you are Bride of Christ your pets go with you so no worries for
us. But hmm if God does leave any pets behind this is a GREAT idea!! LOL
LOL LOL i betcha God will take em all though. Thanks for the LAUGH!

The Drinking Atheist says:
blackturtleshow says:

Interesting angle. I never thought about the fate of the pets of Christians
following the Rapture. I wonder what the authors of the “Left Behind”
series have to say about this topic.

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