Answering Your Pet Questions: Kids & Pets

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This is the third of a 5-part video series answering the questions you asked me about our pets! In this video I answer all of the questions you asked in regards to kids & pets (-:

The videos in this series are as follows:

Grooming (hair control!)
Kids with Pets


TheAmericanDream25 says:

@TheAmericanDream25 Sorry sent to early.. I’ll message you If that’s okey?

rachel621984 says:

Love this video! I have two big dogs and they sound just like yalls. Our
older son doesn’t mess with the dogs as much but my 4 year gets our mastiff
to follow him everywhere lol. And I believe my grotty knows I’m pregnant
cause she whines when I get home and pokes my belly with her nose. They
only bark if someone knocks and my mastiff likes my sons wooden toys.
Anywho loves all my kiddos even the furry ones lol

TheAmericanDream25 says:

@Castro0309 Most people don’t let their kids be alone and unsuperviced with
pets, cause even though we love our pets we must know that agression and
possible dominace is in their Nature, and it’s so fast that som
misunderstanding Can happen between dog/pet-kid. Well, at least my daughter
is never alone with the pets

MsJenny813 says:

I agree, pets can sense your pregnancy. Especially female pets =)

TheBrittbrat2341 says:

This isn’t related but I’d love to know how you keep up with your house
chores and two kids. I can never seem to keep up with keeping our house
clean & I am sure it’s going to get worse once the new baby arrives! It’s
so frustrating, I feel like no matter what I do my house is always a mess.
There’s usually only ONE clean room in our house at all times. lol Do you
have like something you do everyday of the week, would love to see a video
if you could.

claire9591 says:

what would you do if one of your kids developed an allergy to cats or dogs?

Castro0309 says:

What kind of bowls do you use for your pets? Like to the dogs have those
kinds of bowls the sit above the ground in a rack thing? Do they all have
separate bowls each and same question for the cats?

Castro0309 says:

I’m not saying this to be negative in anyway at all.. what your doing for
your pets&kids worked for you & everyone is different but I just want to
say this for anyone else that may find this helpful or useful ..I took a
pets & babies class & the instructor said when a pet is protective of the
baby its cause the dog sees the baby as a part of “their” property or
territory. That dog must be the dominant (alpha) dog. She said the parents
need to help the pet understand the baby is not another…

samgilardi says:

Im 21.. i do not have any kids, but i am obsessed with your videos!! i love
to watch them! i stumbled across your channel by looking up grocery store
vlogs as silly as that seems.. lol

TheAmericanDream25 says:

I just love how dedicated you are to your pets! I’m the same Way; we have
2dogs & 2 cats. People say I’m crazy. We feed our dogs twice a day (+ give
Them treats etc), they eat in the hallway with closed door so our 3yr old
Girl can’t bother Them, and i wash their bowls after each feeding. The
hallway is their ‘space’; it’s where they sleep and have Alll of their
toys, and where they go If they get tired of Ronja (the baby).. I love Them
as If they were my kids… ๐Ÿ˜›

cookie wyer says:

Me too!

Dani Attwood says:

tarantulas=cream filled—LMBO lol sso funny!!! laughing so hard!:) thank u
for making ur videos

fionasworld82 says:

I love it “loves hugs and belly rubs” ๐Ÿ™‚

MakingLifeSimple says:

You look gorgeous! ๐Ÿ™‚ I feel the same way about germs. They are good guys,
they make us stronger!

bekoff713 says:

My in-laws lived in AZ and I couldn’t stand the tarantulas there. EEK!

BeachyKeen99 says:

Did you ever have a fear that when Deacon gets kinda rough with the dogs
like hitting them when they steal his toys or kicking them or anything,
that they will lash out and bite/ scratch or hurt him in any way?

Mary G says:

hehe i’m 15, I watch a LOT of moms on YouTube I think it’s awesome

Leasha413 says:

Lol im only 21 to with no kids but I alsooo lovee your videoss, I love to
cook so I love the recipes and grocerys videos. deacon and drake are just
so cute and deacon is so smart .

TheAmericanDream25 says:

ed, pushed, beaten, etc my dogs. I train Them with treats. What Can i dรณ?

rachel621984 says:

Rotty *

thedrommerhausens says:

I have a question: do you vaccinate your animals? ๐Ÿ™‚

Castro0309 says:

@Castro0309 animal but grow to be another master to teach the pets
its the parents job to protect baby not the pets.of course this wasn’t the
case for every situation and obviously this did happen with you but there
has been case that a dog has aggressive and even violent because of a
person touching a baby or getting too close. I thought that was
interesting. Another side note was to never let pet be at higher ground
then baby (dog on couch-baby on floor) cause of dominance issues.

stardazed44 says:

Our armadillo make me feel like your tarantula. They freak me the hell out.

ReillyAJ says:


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