A Cat’s Guide To Taking Care Of Your Human

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The Company that invented cat litter is now reinventing it. Introducing Tidy Cats LightWeight. http://www.tidycats.com/Products/LightWeight/Performance

Animals Trainers: Hollywood Animals

Set Design + Styling: Merisa Libbey


MLGTroy1 says:

my kiten is laying on my head kneeding my scalp while i watch videos

Tailsthehacker01 says:

Props to the guys who wrote this ad. I didn’t even realize it was an ad
until the end.

Mdriver1981 says:

Humans use their tongues for cunnilingus

Amy Beth says:

Why would 1,000 people dislike this? It’s cute!

Age of the Fanwarrior says:

+Renee Stockton +Hazel the 12th Erudite Half-Blood Nephilim Princess

Marie Wakahisa says:

they know what an astronaut is but not a laptop; does that even make sense?

Wadley225 says:

Did anyone notice that the voiceover is a male but the cat is a FEMALE ?

misses kitty says:

i looked after my human today hope u fellow cats looked after urs

Slimy Weasles says:

Ah. My cats are so generous. They “donate” so much of their fur to my black

How considerate. 

Terry Westbrook-Lienert says:

A Cat’s Guide To Taking Care Of Your Human: http://youtu.be/UJPJUaZZOss

Ksenia Kaganer says:

Take care of your Human <3

輝く星 Shining Stars says:

*I feel like this is what my cat thinks about..*

kentokae says:

Wait this was a commercial!? Well played Tidy Cats… Well played First
time I’ve seen a Commercial on youtube in a very long time. Well played

lesROKnoobz says:

The dude narrating this unsubbed me from his channel for a comment that he
apparently didn’t like but was nonetheless true. Thought I recognized that
cunt’s voice. Liked his vids too.

Link Knight says:

I can almost bet that lightweight stuff is vermiculite based.

Rumeysa Kaya says:

+HATICE KUBRA Sakar I am crying rn

Watashi Shinasai says:

Is that why my cat always sleeps in my head(sometimes it’s my face)

Cozee Pet Sitter Nashville says:

Furless parents, here’s how your feline child sees you: pink and helpless.

ConfettiPie'sPetShops says:


Sami R. says:

Aww my cats doing a good job :3

Shannon Rees says:

You must curl up on thru head so thry don’t freeze to death

RenataBartoli1 says:

What has Purina/IAMS done with this cat once they finished their ad video?
How much have they tortured her and how did they kill her? IAMS Purina STOP
torturing and killing cats and dogs.

Milena C says:

oooh that explaines much 😀 

Mark Adams says:

“each night you must curl up on their faces or they will freeze to
death” LOL
I am literally laughing out loud

Jonathan Byrd says:

🙁 that is not the same cat as in the other videos with the same voice. 🙁
what happened to the other cat.

Leila Muniz says:

“I just blew your mind”
Oh god, how come I love these videos so much.

RootsRunDeeep says:

omg that was funny

Sadie Harrell says:

Lol! Cat: You must curl up on their faces or they will freeze to death.

Toboe is awesome says:

now i know how to take care of my human! thank you!

Zac Cameron Faal says:

This made me laugh!!!!!

A Cat’s Guide To Taking Care Of Your Human: http://youtu.be/UJPJUaZZOss

Silvia Fingerotter says:

This was so funny! You need to see this!

wardrich says:

Is that ZeFrank narrating? Or is it somebody doing a good impression of

chew_jkj says:

Why is this cat narrating with a male voice when it is evidently a female?

Malapert Fourohfour says:

I like that you guys got zefrank to do this, but I’m leaving a dislike
because you had the gall to make me watch a commercial.

CelticPred1997 says:

This video’s great. I laughed quite a bit. :D

Redshield666 says:

I like cats… and I don’t like anyone that doesn’t.

CD Williams says:

I have consistently donated my fur to my owners body blankets, but she uses
a sticky roller thing to remove it.

scarlett g. says:

CLEVER AD…Let`s have more done in this fashion….

Maro Sama says:

I dont know how but every time I watch videos on youtube i finish watching

FreedInPieces says:

companies have gotten clever with their commercials. Too bad adblock
doesn’t work on this. 

That Channel says:

It was zefrank that voiced this right? I can recognize his voice (I think).

Veronica Mentec says:

‘You must donate your furr to these articles, as soon as possible.’ O.O

GigaElekid64 says:

Ha!! It’s so good and cleaver!! XD

The Face says:

My cat sits on my face when I sleep. O_O

Aletha Oberdier says:

it all makes sense now!

mlemieux says:

I LOVE this video it never gets old!!!

Sonia Santiago says:


Joshy88603 says:

my my i couldn’t imagine a world without cats

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