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Learn nine cool facts about Emperor Scorpions and how to take care of them from Jungle Bob in this Howcast video.

The number one animal in the pet world in the scorpion world is certainly the emperor scorpion. This is the largest scorpion species on the planet and thankfully, and the reason it’s so popular in the pet world, it’s also got one of the most mild venoms. A sting from a scorpion of this size is the equivalent of a bee sting, so we have nothing to worry about in case of a sting. More worried really about the claws of this guy as it’s got some really Popeye looking arms there. He can really grab onto you with his formidable claws, and that might hurt a little bit. But otherwise, the animal is fairly benign. He’s not going to hurt anyone. They’re native to North Africa so they come from that area of the world where they might live in a desert environment, but they like a cool burrow.

They like to have a little moisture in their enclosure. But it’s a very simple thing to keep. A 10-gallon tank is plenty – the bigger the better, we always say. But 1o-gallons, they can live their whole lives. A giant one will get 10 inches or possibly more in size. This guy is a real healthy aggressive who is really cruising around here, checking out the scene including me. He is a predator who is going to come out at night. A nocturnal predator. And again, he uses his arms with those little hairs on his claws to find his prey. That’s what he does. He’ll bound around in the sand looking for something. He feels it with his hairs. He will grab it with his claws and the stinger then comes over and takes care of business. Not every time he catches something does he use his venom, and he’s never going to use his venom to defend himself. If he wants to defend himself it’ll be claws and/or fleeing, and he is prey to so many different animals.

A lot of different things in that area of the world would eat a scorpion, including people. He’s an edible animal. Probably good with a little garlic and oil I would think, right? An animal of this size. Very similar in texture and feel to a lobster or a crab because of his exoskeleton. And of course scorpions are, the animal that the scorpion that most people could recognize because they’re so popular and prevalent in the pet world. If I was going to buy something for my young child, an emperor scorpion would be the one to go.


Thunder 35 says:

This video is factually incorrect. To anyone who wants one of these as a
Emperor scorpions are NOT North African desert scorps – they live in the
humid rainforests of mid to western Africa and require high humidity
(around 80%), which you can maintain by placing a small water dish in their
tank and misting the tank occasionally with a spray bottle.
The substrate would be a thick layer of slightly moist coco-fiber (Emps
love to burrow – you will see them occasionally during the day but they are
most active at night.) You should also give them a rock or piece of bark to
hide under and climb on.
Feed them once a week, and do not stress if they don’t eat every time you
offer them food.
Enjoy your scorps!

Money Badger says:

It just randomly crawls over to his back XD

Joel Cha says:

I like how the scorpion just wander off to his back unnoticed

Xavier Kele says:

yummy they look pretty and yummy, pretty yummy yummmmmmmmm…

Rockyboy griff says:

I want a scorpion now, They are so cute 

4killercod says:

He just lets it crawl up his arm, over his shoulder and then its gone. And
he doesn’t even care. I love it

xMiPHISTo says:

Just for you people contemplating getting a scorpion now, here’s a few
ACTUAL FACTS, explaining about Emperor scorpions (Also debunking some of
the videos “facts”)
Emperor scorpions (Pandinus imperator) are actually found within tropical
rainforests. They’re obligate burrowers, requiring 4-5″ inches of damp
substrate to burrow into (Coconut fiber works fine). It has been observed
that scorpions will detect vibrations through the sensory organs on the
undersides of their body (Their pectines, located next to their genital

Heterometrus swammerdami is estimated to be the largest scorpion in the
world (Giant Indian Forest Scorpion), coming in generally at about 12″.

Justin Stewardson says:

a scorpion that big with bee sting venom? I don’t think so !!!

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reptile master says:

What do you mean desert emperors are from the rainforest 

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It just crawled down his back and it was like he didn’t even care

Rich Saunt says:

Mum to kaile

Brian Driscoll says:

I finally decided to get one. I’ve owned bearded dragons for a while and
I’m ready to take on something else. However, now ALL pet stores in my area
are sold out. Ugggg… :(

fuckyouwargaming says:

Aahahahahahahahah the end when this lill scorpion dude goes to the
shouldeers is epic!!!
who knows how it’s finished after .

Abraham Lincon says:

Can I keep an Arizona Bark Scorpion in a 5-10 gallon Exo Terra climbing

Notorious Excaliber says:

Do they make good beginner pets ?

gideon ang says:

i thought that the HETEROMETRUS SWAMERDAMMI is the biggest scorpion in the

Painz AlphaOmega says:

Just got 2 at PETCO but they selling them 30 a piece I remember them being
20 a few month ago

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hayden camardi says:

can u actually get emperor scorpions in Australia ?

Tommy Vreken says:

where can you buy them at?
I want one

2000sDigitalBoy says:

Haha, I love how nonchalant he is as the thing is walking up his arm.

Flux Ray says:

Why don’t you cut the stinger

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Fucking badass, he dares to hold anything, omg

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jeeeej, second

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The socking part of this video is seeying the scorpion climbing on the
man’s back

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This like snakes and spiders are part of the NOPE style of pets.

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I want one now where can I get one?

MassivaRiot says:

basically i like both so its not the the NOPE style…it s a personal
preference since it s not dasngerous and a king scorpion osn t considered
dangerous because as he mentioned his poison is mild it might hurt like a
dog bite without all the outer impact on the skin….so yeahh

Zelious Sigma says:

I had one of these a a pet, Darkfire; sadly he got killed because I took
him to school for show and tell (Was in 6th grade). It rained, hard. The
scorpion drowned.

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its called the desert

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